Field Music – Plumb

Every so often, an album pops up which both restores faith in just how good music can be and is jaw-droppingly inventive at the same time. Released earlier this year, Field Music’s forth effort Plumb is one such album.

Field Music can loosely be called indie, but their approach to constructing songs (for it’s construction rather than writing) is almost classical. Each song on Plumb is part of a whole, one movement flowing into the next (and often several tempos, themes and keys in one song), although each track works equally well in isolation. This has been hinted at in the past both on Field Music albums and on Sea From Shore, the album from David Brewis’s side project School of Language which included four versions of Rockist (and Disappointment #99, which doesn’t really prove my point but is such a brilliant slice of wonky guitar pop that it had to be included), but Plumb sees this technique employed masterfully. Somehow, it makes perfect sense that the sparkling riff of A New Town feeds into the odd squelching at the beginning of Choosing Sides, and somehow it makes sense that Choosing Sides features the most heartfelt melodic three-syllable ‘sit’ you’re ever likely to hear. It’s a perfect forty minutes of bubbling creativity, and the fact that addictive I Keep Thinking About A New Thing is the last track on the album speaks for itself: it’s an album that demands attention from start to finish, and it should be gladly given.


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