Two days til take off

Preparatory notes, and excitable thumb.

November is now only 30 hours away, and I’m ridiculously eager to get cracking on Nanowrimo this year. I’ve spent today making some notes and trying to jolt my mind into action. I’ve been flicking through both volumes of Monica Wood’s The Pocket Muse (shame the website is terrible, but there you go), two fantastic little books full of ideas to get your started, techniques for getting over writer’s block and language exercises. The first was a present from pretty much the finest writer I know (and indeed the person I owe my entire published career to), the second a present from Mr Shaky, and both have been very well used. If you’re Nanoing this year, I’d recommend investing in either or both of them.

As with last year, I’ll update periodically and will try not to moan too much. Mr Shaky is trying his musical challenge again this year, writing three four-song EPs in November. Tonight, it’s time for one last non-fiction assignment – reviewing Lykke Li at the ABC beckons – then it’s head down, see you in December.


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  1. Victoria Martin reblogged this on VICTORIA MARTIN BOOK COLLECTION and commented: I’ve been going over some ideas of what I want to write, and so far so good. I think I’m ready.

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