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Let’s Get Lyrical, Lyrical

Kicking off in Edinburgh yesterday, Let’s Get Lyrical is a new festival-cum-reading campaign celebrating the art of song lyrics. In addition to a series of musical and literary events across Edinburgh and Glasgow, they are also collecting lyrical stories from famous faces and, well, anyone who fancies contributing. With the festival only a couple of days in, storiesĀ  are mounting up fast, and Bob Dylan and, cutely, the Proclaimers are proving to be the favourites so far.

Let’s Get Lyrical raises the interesting idea of song lyrics being appreciated in the same way as, or even equal to works of literature. Of course, it depends very much on the particular band or song. JLS, for example, aren’t up there with Dickens, nor is the work of Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady Eye (although there are those that would argue his brother’s pseudo poetry deserves a place), while it doesn’t seem remotely ridiculous that Bob Dylan and Morrissey are called poets with complete sincerity. It’s a debate that isn’t going to have a proper answer, and is sure to cause a few fall outs (depending on how fiercely you make your point, of course), but it’s a debate that was certainly worth starting.


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