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Nanowrimo – the end!


Look! Proof! It has been done. Proper post to follow.


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Nanowrimo 4 – one week to go

Well, I said I’d see you at 35,000, and I’m almost there. 34,207 at the last count, so if I get in 2,300 words a day for the next week, I can meet the deadline.

Last week was a strange one and I did a bit of a plot u-turn. My usual attempts at fiction are always about things that could actually happen, and thanks to the ridiculous twist that I somehow decided was a good idea, this one starts in the every day and ends in, well, it’s anyone’s guess as I haven’t quite decided how on earth it’s going to end or what the motivation for this ludicrous plot is going to turn out to be. But hey, I’ve got one week and 15,800 words in which to figure it out. Plenty of time.

Current listening: Afraid of Everyone by The National.

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Nanowrimo 3 – halfway

15th November, and as I type, I sit at 18, 600ish words. A bit less than 25,000, you may have spotted. But by upping the daily target, I think I still stand a good chance of getting there for two weeks tomorrow.

It’s funny how quickly Nanowrimo takes over your mind and you find yourself spending every spare minute thinking about these imaginary people and what they are going to do next. It’s very difficult to imagine a time that they weren’t in my head. I’ve made it a bit difficult for myself by having two main characters, one of them a 31 year old guy and the other his seven year old daughter, so I have to get into the mindset of someone I will never be and someone I don’t really remember.

Anyway, if I get to 20,000 before it gets silly late for a weeknight, I’ll be happy. Anything over 19,000 is on target for today, anyway. I’m clawing back lost ground, slowly but surely. See you again at 35,000 words.

Current listening: Blind Drunk by The Wave Pictures and Shining Light by Ash which, following my first live experience of them last week, an experience which reminded me of just what a fantastic guitar pop band they continue to be, makes an appearance in the book. That guitar solo still sounds like it has been beamed in from outer space, and my 17 year old self is delighted to still be a tiny bit thrilled by it.

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Nanowrimo 2 – 1/3 of the way there

So, a little bit behind (real life and day job have been taking over, as they are wont to do), but here I stand on day 10 with 10,500ish words where there should be 16,670 and the drive to catch. For better or worse, I’m aiming for 15,000 tonight. We’ll see.

Mr Shaky has been working on his song challenge, and has two complete songs and a bit of a third, so we’re almost at level pegging. It’s an antisocial household at the moment, but there are only 20 days left of November.

In the meantime, here are my three favourite songs in the universe just now. Enjoy.

Helicopter – Deerhunter

Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bells

Too Much – Sufjan Stevens

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Nanowrimo 2010 – Day 1

Day 1, 1,722 words, and we’ve hit the ground running. It’s a very scary thing, sitting down to that blank sheet and knowing that it brings with it a nigh on impossible deadline, but it’s a start. I have people with names and a hint of a situation.

I’m not going to post bits like this all the time, so don’t worry – it’s just a day one post. I’ll update when something significant happens. Or when I want to avoid writing the novel.

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